The Jewish Education Club


Natasha Karam and Emma Joyce

In light of recent events regarding racism and discrimination in the NMUSD community, CdM students had their own positive response aside from the school administrators. Jewish CdM students created a club to teach students about the Jewish culture and belief, hoping to fight against the anti-semitism that has become more prevalent. The club is not to talk about religion, but rather to inform students about what being Jewish means. They hope to unite the community and to create equality throughout the city.

With their first meeting last Friday, the Judaism club leaders prepared a PowerPoint of the basic principles of their religion. Students were taught about the different types of Judaism and what the purpose of Shabbat is. There was also grape juice and challah, a type of bread from the Jewish culture.

The CdM sophomores who manage everything are presidents Seth Trachtman and Shelby Glabman. They have organized for there to be meetings twice a month. Trachtman stated,”We started this club to focus on bringing the community together in hopes of hopefully seeing a future without of anti-semitism or further more, any type of racial discrimination. It is our goal to teach and help the community in any way we can.”

Their first meeting was held last Friday, and the club leaders were very happy with it. They had a huge turnout of interested and enthusiastic students. Shelby Glabman said, “We were all surprised about how many people showed up, and it’s so great to see that people really care. I think if we continue to have these meetings, we can really make a positive difference in our community.”

    Over the course of the next couple of years, the club plans to expand upon its participation in the community. Students who attend the upcoming meetings will continue to learn more about the Jewish community and its culture.