Orch Cinema

Thuy Pham, Journalist

This past weekend, Corona del Mar High School’s well-loved dance team, Orchesis, presented their annual dance show to students, parents, and faculty. The event was not limited to just Corona del Mar High School students, in fact, it was even open to those outside the Newport Mesa school district, whether they were friends or relatives of the performers. Throughout the week, the event was promoted both by the Orchesis members and on Trident TV. Trident TV featured videos that were made by the Trident TV team, which included exclusive clips from the dance team’s dress rehearsals.

The theme of this year’s dance show, titled Orch Cinema, featured some of America’s most popular and iconic movies. Orchesis members created their dances based on movies such as The Greatest Showman, The Purge, Titanic, or A Star is Born, to name a few. A crowd favorite and dance that was one of the most anticipated of the night was the routine that was based on The Purge, which featured glowing purge masks similar to those featured in the movie and glowing clubs to mimic one of the many types of weaponry also used in the movie. The dancers of Orchesis showcased a variety of dance styles, from contemporary dance for The Titanic, hip hop for The Purge, to even tap dancing for Footloose.

“I definitely do not regret attending the Orchesis show. It was super fun to witness; I enjoyed watching each and every performance of the show. I loved watching some of my friends dance in the show as well,” junior Tabitha Froehlich said.

Like many of Orchesis’ annual dance shows, each and every performance was extremely well-loved by the audience. Not only were each of the dances unique, but the music that the dancers danced to was super unique as well. Now that the show has concluded, Orchesis has been working hard in preparation for the upcoming rallies and even their future performances. This does not mean that the girls are working to improve their dancing for next year’s show, so stay tuned.