Boys’ Soccer Banquet


Angelina Jia, Journalist

The conclusion to a great season for the boys’ soccer program was held on Tuesday March 5th at the Oasis Center. The parent volunteers did an amazing job setting up the room in preparations for the incoming players and families. They decorated the room with photos and balloons of the different teams, all in CdM’s spirit colors: blues, grays, and whites. As soon as everyone arrived, people were directed to a table full of delicious food.

Once everyone got settled in, all of the people behind the scenes throughout the season were thanked. This included the team moms, soccer board members, and all of the volunteers helping to make the season a fun one. After thanking those who helped the boys have the best season they could, the frosh/soph coach took the stage first, calling each player up individually and giving them praise for their work throughout the season. When all of the players from the team were called and given certificates, a slide show full of photos taken during games was played. The photos put a smile on everyone’s face, including the parents.

After frosh/soph came JV, going through the same process with the slideshow at the end. Once they finished, varsity coach Damien O’Brien called up his players. The varsity team requested that he read the description before saying the recognized player’s name, that way they could try and guess who it was. There were many laughs as the team often recognized who their coach was describing. One of the funnier descriptions was of the Glessing twins. O’Brien shared with the audience that he had a lot of trouble telling on apart from the other and that their shoes were what saved him.
As the varsity video finished playing, player awards were given out. There were three main awards, best offense, defense, and MVP for each team. The awarded players recieved plaques with their names and accomplishments written on them. With families and friends smiling, this was a great way to close out the 2018-2019 boys’ soccer season.