Teens Reading Program at the Newport Beach Public Library


Lauren von Aspen, Journalist

As of two months ago, the Newport Beach Public Library began a new volunteer program for teens interested in reading and reviewing young adult books. This group of volunteer teens has early access to young adult books not yet on the market for the general public. Each volunteer is expected to read at least one of these books a month and then review them by filling out a form that goes to the American Library Association.

This group is a great opportunity for any teens who love to read as volunteers have access to a wide array of pre-release books. Community service hours are rewarded and meetings are once a month. Inquire at the library for more information about how to join. 

In addition to reviewing books, the Newport Beach Public Library has many more volunteer opportunities for teens. Other positions include being a part of the YAAC (Youth Adult Advisory Council) and working as a Children’s Department Assistant. Volunteering at the library is a great way to give back to the community of Newport Beach and to help in the upkeep of such a beautiful library that offers so much to the community.

In addition to volunteer opportunities, the library also offers several services to teens, including practice tests and college prep, access to online research databases, and, of course, hundreds of free book available for check out. Upcoming events include an AP Practice Test for US and World History on March 2 and two free AP Teen Study Halls in April that provide snacks and a space to study for AP Tests.