Finals Fiesta


Natasha Karam and Emma Joyce

With finals around the corner, CdM’s ASB organized and planned an event for students to get extra help from their teachers before exams. The event was held from 5-7pm on Sunday leading into the weeks finals. Students filled the classrooms and were given the opportunity to get any last minute help while snacking on Mexican food platters provided by ASB.
Teachers such as Mr. Miller, Mr. May, Mrs. Ngo, and more, donated their time to the benefit of their students. Sophomore, Molly Joyce stated,” Being able to get the last minute help really put me at ease before going into the stressful week. It was also helpful to get all my last minute questions answered.”
CdM’s staff and ASB work year round to create a stress free environment for CdM’s students by creating stress relieving activities at break and lunch. Some that they have created so far include Wellness Wednesdays (a new activity starting last week) and others. The teachers wish to comfort their students while encouraging them to do their best and work hard at the same time. This created the idea of finals fiesta, which was a successful way for ASB and the school to promote studying without stress.
Student, Zach Kittleson stated,” I was super nervous for my upcoming math test and I had a lot of unanswered questions and concerns about the material. Finals fiesta gave me the perfect opportunity to get my questions answered and get the extra one on one help I needed.”
The occasion was the perfect balance of productivity and spending time with friends. ASB and all of the students who attended were extremely appreciative of the teachers who spent their free time on their Sunday to help their students in their last minute studying.