Boys Varsity Soccer’s First League game


Angelina Jia, Journalist

It was a big game for both teams, and Edison came out strong. They constantly were attacking CdM’s defense, but with a lot of hard work, CdM held them off for most of the game. Many fouls were called throughout the game for aggressive tackles on both sides. Using their technical skills and speed, the Edison Chargers were constantly trying to get a shot on goal. Sea King goalkeeper Wally Korbler was getting a lot of action in his first game back from being sick for the past two weeks. He made one particularly tough save about 20 minutes into the first half, having to come far out of his goal to stop an oncoming shooter.
CdM was having a lot of trouble countering Edison’s quick fluid passing, often having to body up to get the ball back. With so many tackles, the game was constantly stopping for free kicks and making the team fans for both schools bite their nails in anticipation (and from the cold). Drawing closer to the end of the half, CdM began to get their passing going, with senior Cristopher Cruttenden playing especially dangerous balls up his line to seniors Niko Urban and Matt Katz. Cruttenden also had great throws this game, often setting his team up for shots on goal.
Once the Sea Kings got the ball into the Chargers’ half, their runs were always quickly shut down by their opponent’s speed and strength. Only through fast, short passing was CdM able to get their attempts on goal. One cross made in the second half by Katz, a team captain for CdM, just barely missed the goal as Urban tried to head it past the keeper. Later on in the match, senior Jordan Pratt was injured while defending from an aggressive tackle by Edison, resulting in a yellow card, and him having to be walked off the field.
Krobler many great saves as the game progressed, often having to dive or leave his goal to block Edison’s shots. Sadly for CdM, just two minutes before the game ended, Edison broke through their defensive line. With Korbler out of his goal to stop the incoming runner, he was unable to prevent the ball from hitting the net when the player he was defending passed behind him and scored. The first game of their season, after 80 minutes of battling the Chargers, ended in a lose 0-1 to Edison.