Holiday Rally 2018


Thuy Pham, Journalist

On Friday, December 26, Corona del Mar High School and Middle School hosted their annual holiday rally, with this year’s theme as Saturday Night Live (SNL). SNL is NBC’s Emmy-award winning late-night comedy show, which features celebrity guests from various fields in the American entertainment industry.

The rally featured most of Corona del Mar’s sport teams and much of their musical groups, including the new men’s ensemble and Band. The men’s ensemble performance was especially loved by the crowd, as it was a medley of various holiday songs, from Christmas classics to even Hanukkah classics with a mix of film classics such as the Lion King soundtrack.

As always, both Cheer and Song and Orchesis performed. This time, however, Cheer and Song were divided into two different units, where each unit performed different-themed performances. Orchesis danced to a medley of Christmas classics in outfits that looked strikingly similar to that of the classic Mean Girls. It was later revealed by Orchesis junior members Angie Carpio and Emma Wang that the outfits were actually inspired by and essentially based on those of the Jingle Bell Rock scene from the movie.

This year’s hosts were several ASB members, and included some extras dressed up as reindeers. The reindeers swung in the hosts by a string, to give a fun twist to the classic MC style of rallies.

This year’s rally additionally featured many unique and fun videos that captured the attention of the audience throughout the whole rally. Not only were the videos well-produced, but the overall atmosphere of the rally was filled with Christmas cheer and spirit.

“This has to be one of my most favorite rallies that I have ever witnessed as a CdM student. It was amazing and so enjoyable to watch. I think that all of the acts had amazing performances,” said junior Lana Debanneh.

The rally was later performed again for the middle school, who enjoyed the performances just as much. It was a perfect kick-off to a fun and relaxing holiday break.