Change From the Class of 2021


Thuy Pham, Journalist

Corona del Mar High School’s Academy of Global Studies, which fosters learning and involvement within the global community, hosted their first speaker for the 2018-2019 school year of their annual speaker series. Since the second year since the founding of the Academy in 2015, the Academy of Global Studies has hosted Evan Wesley from the Thirst Project.

Wesley tours around the nation to speak about the Thirst Project, the nation’s largest youth water organization. To the Academy of Global Studies students, Wesley spoke about the humble beginnings of the organization. It started with a simple wish- the wish to end the global water crisis. From there, co-founder Seth Maxwell along with Wesley, worked to educate youth around the nation about what the water crisis was and how detrimental it truly is. From this point on, The Thirst Project has educated thousands of American youth through speaking sessions or assemblies.

Wesley even shared statistics about the global water crisis, which painted a picture of how crucial tackling such an issue in the modern world is.

According to Wesley, “Though there are many other water organizations around the nation and around the world, it is safe to say that we are the biggest youth organization to tackle such an issue.”

The Thirst Project is the nation’s largest youth organization that tackles the global water crisis, working in countries typically in South America or Africa. This organization has participated in over 2,000 water projects, from wells to water filtering systems. These water projects have additionally served over 300,000 people around the world, according to the Thirst Project official website.

Tuesday’s speaker night in the lecture hall called on the Academy of Global Studies’ class of 2021 to stir up change within the global community. Academy advisors Mr. Captan and Miss Mayberry urged their students to look beyond their local community. From this point on, the involvement of the Academy students in the Thirst Project will only continue to grow in the upcoming years.