Vox Angelica Retreat


Angelina Jia

Angelina Jia, Journalist

Each year, Vox Angelica and Madrigals singers go on a retreat to Pilgrim Pines for the weekend. Although they go at different times, both advanced ensembles do similar activities while in the mountains.

On arrival, Vox Angelica members went up to their cabins, which were assigned by voice part, and got ready to sing. Around 30 minutes after stepping off the bus, the singers assembled in the Junior Lodge and began rehearsals. After working hard, they were paired up with someone else in the choir who they didn’t know well.

Mr. Ball, the vocal music director, values having a positive community in each choir, and often creates activities to help friendships grow. In this activity, both partners were given a paper that had many questions to ask. The questions ranged from, “What’s your name?” to things more personal such as,  “How is your relationship with your family?”

Another community building exercise was called The Chair. Throughout the weekend, people took turns sitting in the chair. When it was someone’s turn, they would go take a seat in the chair and then close/cover their eyes. Everyone else in the choir then had the chance to go up and whisper a complement into the person’s ear. It was an amazing experience to sit in the chair and know that people you may have never even talked to, noticed and appreciated you.

On top of the bonding done during the retreat, Vox rehearsed over six hours in one and a half days. Whether it was sectional rehearsal or group, the entire choir helped each other make the time spent working feel fun but also productive.

On the final night during dinner, the members of Vox performed one of their songs for the other students that were at the camp. Although the song was a work in progress, the audience loved it, and the choir had a great time singing it for them.