One Year Too Long

Sam Smith Debuts His New Album


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Natasha Karam, Journalist

After a year break from the fame Sam Smith built for himself, he recently debuted his new album,The Thrill Of It All. For a whole year fans patiently waited for the next album to debut, and Smith have the fans exactly what they’d been waiting for.
In contrary to Smith’s other albums,” The Thrill Of It All,” he was able to give his followers an insight to his struggles mentally and physically. Rather than songs about relationships and heartwreck, Smith sang more along the lines of his religion, sexuality, and insecurities, with a few songs accompanied by the powerful voices of gospel singers.
During his time away from the spotlight, he faced struggles finding content to write about. As sourced from Rolling Stone, Smith stated,” For the first two months I really struggled because I realised I actually didn’t like a lot about myself.” Throughout the obstacles of self doubt he faced, he’s able to transfer his darker feelings into music.
With sunsational hits like “ Too Good At Goodbyes” and “Pray” Smith’s new album consists of pure soul and love. Another song in the album, “Nothing Left For You,” tells the story of a man who’s not able to move past his last relationship and can’t let himself fall in love again. The song is stripped down to Smith’s vocal range, the piano, spare guitar, and the gospel group.
Smith will continue to engage his fans in the stories and soul he puts into each and every song. The Thrill Of It All, will last beyond its years and be remembered as the album Smith took the darkness he saw in himself and his life and transferred it to raw music.