The Annual Boat Races


Photo by Megan Fisk.

Thuy Pham and Brooklyn Hollander

This past Friday, June 2, many students Corona del Mar High School gathered at the pool for the annual Physics boat races. Every year, students from Mr. Selby and Mrs. Verona’s AP Physics and normal physics class are given the opportunity to test their knowledge in physics by building boats. Students were given cardboard and one day to create these boats, along with time to “waterproof” their boats with seran wrap. Students even showcased some of their interests through these boats, which they took to the pool to race after school. Many people came to support their friends or family and to see the variety of boat designs that students built.

The student support at the competition was absolutely amazing. A huge crowd waited outside of the pool at the beginning of 7th period, everyone waiting to be allowed inside. Just to get out through the gates of the school it took 5 minutes. While everyone waited they were able to push their way through the crowd to preview all of they boats the students had made. Students were able to make predictions of which boat would win and see the variety of unique designs that their fellow students had put together.

As many took to the stands to find a seat for the actual races, the racers prepared their boats for the races with their teammates. In addition to creative boat designs, students also dressed in fun and creative costumes to match with the theme of their boat. Some creative boats that were featured at this year’s boat races included a Sea King themed boat that was named ‘Poseidon’s Posse,’ a Coachella-themed boat, a Baywatch-themed boat, and a hamster wheel, and many more. Special costumes to accompany these boats included Sea King outfits, festival-inspired outfits, and lifeguard-themed outfits. An especially loved boat by the crowd was the hamster wheel, despite its slow pace when going across the pool. Boats with individual racers were especially successful during the races. The final winner of the boat races ended up being an individual racer, who was in a small yet speedy boat.

This year’s annual race went spectacularly. The support from students was overwhelming and greatly appreciated by both the students participating and the teachers.As usual, the Physics boat races can be considered one of the best end-of-the-year events for both students and teachers.