An After(s) School Treat


Brooklyn Hollander and Thuy Pham

The trendy ice cream shop, that has been gaining popularity recently, is Afters Ice Cream. They are especially famous for their “milky bun,” which is when a warm donut is stuffed with cold ice cream. Not only is this treat appealing to the taste buds but it also attracts the eyes.

The first Afters Ice Cream’s was opened in Fountain Valley, California and immediately became a hit. Since then, ten shops have been opened across Southern California, located in Long Beach, Chino Hills, Tustin, Irvine, Pasadena, Rowland Heights, Costa Mesa, Cerritos, Riverside, and Fullerton.

When asked what they enjoy about working at Afters, one of the employees replied saying, “I really like working here because all my friends also work here so it’s really fun.”

Afters has 15 unique and delicious flavors. These flavors include Vietnamese Coffee, Madagascar Vanilla, Strawberry Cookie Crunch, Peanut Butter S’mores, Mint Monster, Milk & Cereal, Jasmine Milk Tea, Cookie Monster, Churro, Cookie Butter, Big Stix, Banana Walnut Fudge, Almond Cookie, Acai Blueberry, and Triple C’s(chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, and caramel). Their most popular flavor is the Cookie Monster and their most popular topping is the fruity pebbles.

At Afters, there is the choice of getting the ice cream by itself like any other ice cream shop, but to get the full experience of Afters Ice Cream, getting the Milky Bun is the optimal choice. The milky bun is when Afters takes a one of their many flavors of ice cream and sandwiches it in between two half of a warm donut. Contrary to when only ordering ice cream in a cone or a cup and having to pay for a topping, when ordering the milky bun, the topping is included in the price.

Their ice cream flavors are very colorful, making them the ideal ice cream for an Instagram picture. Whether you get the ice cream in a cone, a cup, or a milky bun, your Instagram feed will look great with the addition of this mouth watering dessert.

Not only does Afters Ice Cream have delicious flavors of ice cream, but their ice cream is also a great opportunity for a picture. Their creative and original idea of the milky bun is something that must be tried at least once. Afters Ice Cream is certainly catching the attention of many people.