Ending the Water Crisis


Kira Mason

Brooklyn Hollander, Thuy Pham, and Maya Satchell

On Friday, November 4th, the Academy of Global Studies hosted a speaker event for the Thirst Project. Speaker Evan Wesley and friends started the Thirst Project eight years ago in Los Angeles, California. Academy teachers Kareem Captan and Laura Mayberry formed a partnership one year ago with the Thirst Project in order to educate CdM students about the global water crisis.
The Academy of Global Studies was only a proposed idea, but developed over the course of three years into a tight community with over 150 students. The Academy’s mission statement has always been to educate students about interpersonal communication, to challenge students, and to connect them with the world.
Mayberry met speaker Evan Wesley at a Model United Nations meeting a year ago, where she learned about the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project “cuts right to the core”, as said by Mayberry, of the Academy goal by correlating to what Academy students are learning about. Along with that, the Thirst Project allows students to become a part of the global water crisis by providing 13 countries, mainly in Africa, with clean drinking water.
The Thirst Project is the world’s largest youth organization that works with the global water crisis. Their goal is to end the water crisis in Africa by building wells in villages and communities that don’t have access to clean drinking water. An important part of this goal is that they would like to provide clean drinking water for the entire country of Swaziland. The Thirst Project has inspired Hollywood stars and students nationwide to invest their money in the project.
“We knew that we could get young people more invested in the issue and to care about it more,” Wesley said, “A lot of problems deal with the water crisis. Clean water changes everything. Not only does it change their life, but it changes your life too.”
The Academy teachers also have big goals and hopes in raising money for the Thirst Project.
“With the Academy students, we hope to achieve global awareness of the water crisis. We will create a goal and raise money for a well in order to provide clean drinking water for a developing country,” said Captan, “The freshman class will have a fundraiser to raise money and awareness of the water crisis in their communities.”
“It feels amazing to be a part of such an important cause. I’ve never been a part of something so big. It makes such a huge impact on others, giving me a whole new perspective of the global water crisis,” Freshman Asher Green said.
The Thirst Project has especially inspired Academy students in getting more involved in the water crisis.
“It has gotten me more involved in my community. I learned that this project can have a great impact in my future and my generation’s future,” Sophomore Brigid Kennelly said.
Wesley stated this as the most important thing to remember from the presentation saying, “In the year 2016, we still live in a world where almost 663 million people still don’t have access to clean water.”
The partnership between the Thirst Project and Academy of Global Studies will make an impact on the global water crisis. When donating to the Thirst Project, 100 percent of the public’s donation go directly to water projects and building wells.
To donate, be sure to visit the Academy of Global Studies’ donation page on the Thirst Project Website. The link is: https://my.thirstproject.org/fundraise?fcid=822679.