2015-2016 Staff

Delaney Ivey

Hi! My name is Delaney, I am a senior and a four year staff member.

Kara Pauley

Kara (CAR-UH) plays volleyball for CdM as a middle blocker and also plays club volleyball at Orange County Volleyball Club. Some of her favorite things are long walks on the beach and when people pronounce her name correctly....

Jina Lee

When Jina isn't school likes to go to the beach with her friends. After she graduates, she wants to travel to Europe and Mexico, her favorite places. After going to hot yoga and pilates she likes to go to Cha and get her favorite...

Mallorie Cohen

Hi, my name is Mallorie Cohen, and I am a junior at Corona del Mar. I joined Trident as a freshman and have been a staff member for three years. As well as being a writer, I am the magazine’s business manager. I am also a member...

Nikka Afshar

Hi! My name is Nikka, I am a junior and a third year staff member.

Megan Moore

Megan Moore is an online editor for Trident. Although she used to play volleyball and tennis, she now devotes her time to her job at Brandy Melville. Megan moved from Portland, Oregon for her junior year and now loves to visit...

Brooke Pauley

Brooke loves theater, grammar and being in charge. She loves singing and is an avid reader. She dreams of world domination.

Sam Rhodehamel

Hi! My name is Sam Rhodehamel I am currently a senior at Corona del Mar High School. This is my third year as a Trident staff member. I love photography, traveling, and my school’s Youth and Government program. My favorite things...

Simone Oberreiter

Simone Oberreiter is a sophomore at Corona del Mar High School. She enjoys playing lacrosse, volunteering at the library and participating in Speech and Debate.

Kendall Gore

Hi, my name is Kendall Gore! I am a junior as well as third year staff member. Last year, I was one of the Online Editors and this year I am a co-magazine editor. In my free time, I run for the school's cross country team and...

Jillian Hughes

Hey! My name is Jillian Hughes, I'm a senior and a third-year staff member. I am currently the Chief Copy Editor of Trident Magazine, meaning I'm a total grammar nerd and an obsessive reader. I also like to spend time with my...

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