Tiger King: Netflix’s New Show Causing a Buzz in Quarantine


Photo credits to Netflix

Tasha Karam, Journalist

With quarantine granting Americans with more free time than many are used to, it is quite commonplace for many to find themselves browsing Netflix for the next show to binge watch. One series that has caused buzz and chatter across the country is Tiger King. The true crime documentary series dives into the ‘murder, mayhem, and madness’ that surfaced before animal park owner, Joe Exotic, was sentanced to 22 years in prison for orchestrating a murder for hire plot for his animal park nemesis, Carol Baskin.
Although there is a common stigma around people who own big cats as being unusual, Tiger King’s release on Netflix proved that big cat owners like Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin, and “Doc” Antle are far beyond any perception of unusual. After watching the series, junior Alden Mulroy stated, “If i could describe the show in one word it would be bizarre. It completely blew my mind that wild animals were being cared for people like Joe Exotic who fed them Walmart hot dogs and cared about his own personal fame and wealth more than the well being of the tigers.”
The way that these cat keepers were running their zoos was in no way ordinary. Exotic’s staff was composed of drug addicts men he bribed into marriage. His persona and ego brought him immense confidence and self granted control over his zoo and staff. He felt entitled to being worshipped by others and was always in search of ways to increase his fame and popularity.
As junior Seth Trachtman stated, “Joe Exotic running for president was probably the strangest thing I had ever seen while watching the series. In my head it did not make sense how a man who runs a zoo of wild cats could possibly find himself as suitable to run a country.”
The series has created immense amounts of controversy regarding the killing of Carol Baskin and has also stirred up quite the array of memes online. It is guaranteed that this series will make a small portion of your quarantine a little more interesting!!