New Orch Times: The Annual Orchesis Show


Brooklyn Hollander, Journalist

Once again another one of Orchesis’s annual shows has come to a close. This year the theme for their performances was New Orch Times. Every dance is linked to the theme by being inspired by parts of a newspaper. With 18 dances total, there was loads to enjoy including dances by each grade level and Brochesis.

The show began with the dance titled Hot Off the Press. This opening performance featured the entire dance team and Orchesis presidents Emma Wang and Angie Carpio choreographed the dance to the song “Another Day of Sun” by the La La Land Cast. The dance was an upbeat and exciting way to begin the show and introduce the theme.

The Future of A.I. dance was definitely one of the highlights of the show. This performance was choreographed by Wang and Junior Tasha Karam to “Escalate” by Tsar B, and its sharp robotic moves made the dance stand out among Orchesis’s typical performances. Wang regards this dance as her favorite, saying “I really enjoyed choreographing The Future of A.I. dance with Tasha. It was a very unique concept and style of dance. It’s not what people are accustomed to seeing since it wasn’t hiphop, jazz, or soft lyrical. The video, lighting, and costumes all made me love the dance 1000x more”.

Each grade level gets an opportunity to showcase their teamwork in their own performances. The first of these was the freshman class’s fun and fresh dance called Car Wash. All members of the freshman class participated in choreographing this song to Christina Agulara’s song “Car Wash”. The sophomore class took on the entertainment portion of the newspaper, performing a dance based on Legally Blonde The Musical. The music was a mashup of “Perfect Day” by Hoku, “Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing” by Bea Miller, and “Confident” by Demi Lovato. In contrast to the freshman and sophomore classes’ exciting themes, the junior class took on natural disasters, and specifically the fires in Australia. Dancing to “Ashes” by Celion Dion, the juniors’ costumes had red sequin fires on their chests, emphasizing their message. Finally, the senior dance is always the most emotional of the class dances. As their final dance together, Carpio, Wang, and Whitney Bonin danced beautifully to Malia Asahino’s choreography to “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last.

The most emotional moment of the show was the performance in remembrance of Jack Elliot. His sister Ava Elliot (Junior) choreographed this along with Sophomore Riley Hult to “Already Gone” by Sleeping at Last. Elliot’s part in choreographing this dance magnified the emotion of the piece and the emotion that the audience was able to feel in the dance. This was most definitely the most impactful and meaningful moment of the show.

Of course, the most looked forward to dance is Brochesis. This year their dance was based off the CdM football team becoming the state champions, and the boys dressed accordingly in football jerseys. This years senior boys that took on this hilarious act included Nic Ayala, Luca Bacci, Richard Eusey, Zach Green, Drew Hoffman, John Humphreys, Connor McDonald, Stephen McMillen, Jack Mckenna, Morgan Morgan, Cade Overfelt, Vinny Provenza, Bradley Schlom, Ryan Steinke, and Zach Wein.

Unfortunately the show has come to a close, so anyone who was not able to watch it has missed out. Orchesis isn’t done for the year yet, so make sure to keep a look out for them in rallies where they always put on a great performance!