Annual Orchesis Show


Tasha Karam, Journalist

This week is CdM Orchesis’s annual dance show which they will be performing March 5, 6, and 7th. The team has 22 high school dancers who have been training and preparing for the show since the end of summer. The girls and their coach, Shawni Jackson, have been putting in hours of work into each week in order to make each dance and video ‘show ready’ for all of their friends and family to come see.
This years theme is ‘New Orch Times,’ where each dance is telling a different story and aspect of a newspaper. Mrs. Jackson has helped all of the girls choreographing dances put together their creative visions and ideas and guide them through the show process. She has spent an abundance of outside practice hours devoting her time to making this years show the best it could be. In order to make the show possible, the team has to put together 18 dances, get costumes, light each dance on stage, and create a video to better tell each dances story. Without Mrs. Jackson, the show would not be possible.
Orchesis president and senior, Angie Carpio, stated,”This years show is going something really special and amazing and because of all of Shawni’s devotion and love for the team, all of our dreams and visions for the show have been made possible. She helped bring to life all of the ideas we had on a white board at the end of August last year, and we are so excited to see it all come to life this week.”
Mrs. Jackson, while talking about the show, said,” This years show preparation has been very productive. I love how creative the girls get with all of their ideas, songs, lighting, and costumes. It is so fun seeing it all come together during tech week. I am so excited for all of the parents and students to see the show! I think everyone will be blown away by the overall production.”
Tickets are on sale all week for $15. Come support the team and all of their hard work and time they have put into each and every dance. Without the support and love they get from their coach, none of it would be possible. It is the communities time to see these girls dance off the football field and gym floors and onto the stage!