Australian Bushfires Have Put Reams of Animals in Danger of Being Harmed

Australian Bushfires Have Put Reams of Animals in Danger of Being Harmed

Kiana Farhangi, Journalist

There have been hundreds of Koalas killed and millions of hectares of land that have been destroyed in their habitat. Warming Climates are making the impacts of bushfires and droughts continually worse. WWF Australia says that “Koalas are heading toward extinction by 2050”. One of the main concerns is that the koalas are headed toward extinction because of the deforestation of their habitat. Some scientists are arguing that they are overstating the problem because they are scared for the Koalas and do not want them to become “functionally extinct”. The Eucalyptus forest has been adapted to grow again after fires, but these fires are so hot and large that it can affect the forest of Eucalyptus and kill all the trees.

The size of the Koala Population in Australia has been decreasing over the past 20 years. The article “Koala Factcheck: Have the Australian Bushfires Put Survival of the Species At Stake?” by Naaman Zhou on The Guardian says, “If we don’t turn the trend around they won’t be ‘functionally extinct’, they will be actually extinct”. James Tremain who speaks for the Nature Conservation Council. The Pilliga Forest in the north-west used to be one of the biggest populations of koalas in the state.  The population is declining because there are large heat waves that have almost killed most of them. There are deep heat waves that are becoming more harsh in the states that are the west, the koala population is shrinking in the east and along the coast.

41 responses say that they all agree with it. What happened to the biggest population of Koalas living in the Pilliga Forest? It got 43 responses. 48.8% said that they think Koalas did not have a place to go because of the fires. The other 18.6% said that they think that the Koala cannot tolerate more than 3 or 4 hot days in a row. The last 32.6% said that they can only survive in a narrow temperature range and rainfall range.

Experts trying to build the koala populations made a requirement to rebuild forests. They are trying to connect the koala with their habitat. Also they want to bring lots of koalas back to their habitat but there’s a problem because people should stop demolishing the trees and just let the trees regrow. Injured and sick koalas are being healed and treated at Port Macquarie in the koala hospital. There is a huge effort being made to help the koalas from becoming functionally extinct.