CdM Theater Present “Little Shop of Horrors”


Lucy Millman, Journalist

Corona del Mar’s theater company is currently performing Little Shop of Horrors, a comedic musical filled with charming songs, great props, and lots of funny dialogue. The actors were able to show off their wonderful acting skills on Wednesday night’s performance, making the audience applaud, laugh, and cheer several times throughout the musical. Each actor brought something exciting to their role and showed off their talent in a unique way.

Seniors Sydney Cohen, Phoebe Alva, Emily David, Mary Acuna, Alyssa Arbogast, and Junior Savannah Harper showed off their incredible vocal talents with many fun songs and dances. Senior Sierra Stoliar was compelling and stunning in her performance of Audrey, while Arya Samini was endearing and comedic in his performance of Seymour. Their chemistry was fantastic, and the musical truly benefitted from their natural and fun dynamic. Junior Seth Trachtman made the audience laugh hysterically with his performance of Orin, a motorcycle riding dentist with a penchant for pain.
The set, lights, costume, props, and audio were all incredible and helped to bring the audience into the play. The prop for Audrey II, with vocal performance by Thomas Eastmond and puppeteering by Brian Shard was very impressive, as were the performances by Eastmond and Shard.
It was clear that the actors were having a fun time on stage while putting on a spectacular performance. Senior Phoebe Alva said that “Little Shop was an incredible experience. It was a ton of work, but we were passionate about it and willing to put in the hours.” The countless hours of work that were dedicated to the show were very evident in product of the musical. It was fun and amazing, and proved to be a great experience for both the theater company and the audience.
There are two other performances of Little Shop of Horrors that audiences can go see. There is a show on Thursday night at 7pm and a show on Friday night at 7pm, both in the Sea King theater.
CDM Theater Company will also be putting on the musical Urinetown in March, which will be sure to enthrall audiences just like Little Shop of Horrors has.