CdM Wrestling BOTB


Chloe Nishanian, Journalist

Last week, the CdM Wrestling team hosted Newport Harbor in this year’s Battle of The Bay match at home in front of a large and excited crowd. In each wrestling match, there are three periods with a minute and thirty seconds of time for a team to ultimately immobilize their opponent for that match and either gain a 14-point lead, or by the third match have more points than the other team. The crowd had to endure the stress of very close matches, but the most exciting part didn’t come until the intense third period! The Corona del Mar’s Wrestling team managed to stay ahead of Newport Harbor for basically the entire match! Each pair went by in a flash! The score moved back and forth between each team so much, the spectators were reeling, their cries of support for their team growing with power each match that went by. They could barely keep their eyes off: 9 to 4, then Harbor jumped two points making it 9 to 6, then 11 to 10, then 15 to 12 and so on! In the end CdM came out victorious with a smashing victory of 57 points to 15 points!
“The match was very exciting! We may have lost a few matches, but it all was worth it for this huge victory! Go Seakings!” says Julia Stoffer after the match. Two wrestlers from CdM’s Wrestling team decided to answer a few questions. Luke Villaluz says he’s been wrestling for 11 years and practices multiple times a week. He says the hardest part of wrestling is losing when you put in the most effort. And special ‘rituals’ they do before the game he says are “red-hot chili peppers” whether they be actually eating one or a special talk they have before their matches and tournaments, that’s a secret! As for his final question; his favorite place to have matches, he says at home. Michael Kushner, a newbie to the sport said he practices 5 times a week, and says the hardest part of wrestling is the conditioning. Before each match, he runs a little bit to prepare himself. Finally, when asked which place was his favorite to have matches at, he said Beckman. Wrestling is a challenging and intense sport that requires a lot of hard work and practice to truly get the feel for! Good work and keep wrestling, Seakings!