Girls Soccer Battle of the Bay


Bella Riccio, Journalist

The battle of the bay for our varsity girls soccer team was on Thursday, January 9th at the Newport Harbor Field. The game started at 5:00pm and even though it was a non-league game, the crowd turnout was amazing. The stands were filled with students from both Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor; both there to cheer on their girls soccer school team. The Corona del Mar girls soccer team has had a great winning streak so far with a total of ten games won. League doesn’t start until the 16th of January, but if they continue to play like they are now then they will surely do great. The game against Newport Harbor highschool was a very close game that anyone could’ve won. The whole crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout the game and everyone was very anxious to see who would end up winning. The girls’ first game was in the beginning December where they beat Portola highschool 5-1 in a tournament. They also played El Toro and beat them 2-1, which was also the score against Long Beach in the Best of the West tournament. Northwood highschool played against Corona del Mar on the 12th of December and the outcome was a win for Corona del Mar, more specifically a 3-0 win. Their most recent game was against Laguna Beach highschool and the score ended with a 0-0 tie. Getting back to the Newport Harbor game, the girls from both teams fought very hard and the outcome also ended with a 1-1 tie. The game was extremely fun to watch, and cheering on the girls soccer team was a great way to show the Corona del Mar school spirit.