Is “Bombshell” the bomb?


Polina Barilo, Journalist

Bombshell is a 2019 American biographical drama film directed by Jay Roach and written by Charles Randolph. The film centers upon female Fox News personnel in Manhattan and their sexual harassment allegations against Fox News founder Roger Ailes. It reveals a look inside the powerful media empire of Fox News and controversial story of the women who brought down the famous man who created it. Charlize Theron stars as Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, Margot Robbie as Kayla Popisil, and John Lithgow as Roger Ailes.

To not reveal too much of the movie plot, here are some reviews from Corona Del Mar seniors:

“I give it a 10/10. The movie was phenomenal! It was very well directed and the script was thought out and clearly portrayed.” -Senior Alyssa Cairns

“I give it a 10/10. The make-up in this movie was amazing! The actors looked very natural and similar to the people that were part of the real life scandal. The transformation of John Lithgow into Roger Ailes was especially astonishing. Definitely a must-see!” -An anonymous senior

“I give it a 9/10. Very strong acting, thought provoking, realistic, and captivating.” -Senior Grace Hebert

“I give it a 7/10. Charlize Theron seemed like she did a great amount of research on Megyn Kelly, because she portrayed her very genuinely. She is an amazing actress! But overall, the movie doesn’t delve into the real life situation fully, and as a result the film feels a bit thin.” -An anonymous senior

There were also a few negative comments about the movie from CdM students:

“I give it a 5/10. The movie lacked depth. It skimmed the surface of what allegedly happened. Some parts seemed silly and trivial. I was looking for a more intense drama.” -An anonymous senior

“I give it a 6/10. It was not quite what I had expected. The story felt a bit long and drawn out.” -Senior Ashley Trester

“I give it a 2/10. I thought it was boring, slow, and anticlimactic. I didn’t learn anything new from it either.” -An anonymous senior