The Choral Express


Lucy Millman, Journalist

This weekend, Corona del Mar Vocal Music had their annual winter holiday concert. This year’s concert blended all the different performances by various groups into a play. The show told the story of the Polar Express, with students Phoebe Alva, Seton Fogel, and Ty Morgan playing the main characters, and Mr. Ball acting as the conductor.
The different performances were all very impressive and had clearly been carefully rehearsed tirelessly. Madrigals singer Nazli Nazemian said that “the Choral Express started out as a wild idea, but it was absolutely amazing to it come together with everyone’s hard work and passion and the results were phenomenal.”
The Choral Express sold many tickets, completely selling out the theater for their Friday night performance and almost selling out their other two shows. The audience consisted of teachers, relatives, and other students who were all clearly excited to see the finished product of the all the choir groups’ hard work. Senior Evan Stein was impressed with the show, saying, “I thought it was great! I loved all the pieces, especially the one by Vox Angelica.”
Corona del Mar Vocal Music performed several different pieces, amounting to a two hour show with a fifteen minute intermission in the middle, where guests could grab free hot chocolate and cookies and hear Madrigals caroling outside. Some of the songs the choirs performed included “White Christmas,” “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” and “Sleigh Ride.”
The choir concert was not only a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, but it was also a great opportunity to see the skill and hard work of the Corona del Mar Vocal Music. Madrigals singer Phoebe Alva thinks the annual concert is great because “it’s a time we get to present all the hard work we’ve been doing and hopefully bring some joy to the people in the audience.”