HRC Love Yourself Week 2019


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Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

How does Humans Relation Council (HRC), a leadership group on CDM’s campus, think of the different campaign weeks? What is HRC and what is Love Yourself Week? Well to start things off, HRC is a group of about 40 selected individuals at CDM who have been interviewed and selected to be a part of the club because of their leadership and their willingness to make a difference on the CDM campus. Each year, HRC puts on around 5 campaign weeks that are centered around educating the student body on specific issues. For example, in the past, they have put on Pride Week and Be Kind to Your Mind Week. One might wonder how they think of these topics. Well the secret to the special recipe is collaboration and time. Over the summer, around late August, HRC gets together for around 6-8 hours one day to decide what weeks should be held throughout the year. After they decide around 3 hours in, they get assigned to groups based off of the 5 or 6 weeks they chose. Each group then decides what specifically their week should look like. They decide the weeks colors, what each person will do, who will be the poster maker, and who will be in charge of videos, and so on. Soon after, they have all year up until their week to make it great. They are given a budget that they can choose to spend all of it or none of it. When they go on retreat in October, the whole club spends time working out their weeks and planning ahead of time. This is how HRC makes the magic happen.

This week, December 2nd through the 6th, HRC is hosting a new week never done before, called Love Yourself Week. The main message of the week is to point out that the first step to happiness is loving yourself, and to encourage others to accept themselves for who they are. One Monday, HRC is going to have an introduction video. On Tuesday, during 3rd period HRC members will be going around to classes and giving a speech and passing out stickers. On Wednesday, HRC is making the day sweatpants day. On Thursday, they are going to host an activity outside the Lecture Hall where kids can write something they love most about themselves on a sticky note and then paste it on a poster. Lastly, on Friday, there will be a closing video. This week is all about loving yourself, so spend some extra time on you this week!