Dancing with the Teachers 2019


Bella Riccio, Journalist

The annual Dancing with the Teachers was on Thursday the 21st of November this year and the turn out, as expected, was really great. Dancing with the Teachers is an event held every year in which select teachers are paired up with members of Orchesis to preform at the show. Ms. Juarez, who has been on Dancing with the Teachers multiple times, said “I feel very nervous, but I also feel an adrenaline rush and that’s why I keep doing it.” She ended up giving a great performance that was so fun to watch.

The contestants this year included: Micheal Dobyns, Kim Rapp, Mallory Davis, Kelly Burgess, Marcia Ball, Dennis Willbanks, Sarai Juarez, Christy Mecxin, Megan Grint, Kathryn Finley, and Ally McCormick. Each teacher danced along with two members of Orchesis. After all the teachers were done performing they had the students vote, where each vote only cost $1. One student who was having trouble deciding who to vote for said, “I think I’m just going to vote for everyone because they were all so good!” Once all the votes were cast performances were shown from Level III Dance, Orchesis, and even a special dance team with some very talented sixth graders. The announcers Junior Jack Kormos and Senior Micah Look then reminded the crowd that the Orchesis Dance Company was also hosting a concert on November 22 where they could see more great dance performances.

The winners of the Dancing with the Teachers contest was split into the judge’s pick and the fan favorite. It was Kathryn Finley who ended up winning the trophy for judge’s pick. The winners for fan favorite was our very own Marcia Ball and Kelly Burgess. Overall, all the teachers did wonderfully and it made for a very exhilarating night filled with lots of laughter.