The Positives of the Counseling Office

The Positives of the Counseling Office

Tasha Karam, Journalist

What most students search for in highschool is guidance on how they can meet their goals and what they need to do to get into their desired college or follow their desired career path. For most students it’s hard to navigate the world of college and the applications it comes with. Here to help guide the students of CdM are the counselors, the group of devoted administration members that help students find their path.

Without counseling it would be hard for students to find the potential and possibilities they have available to them. As former CdM student stated,”Without my counselor, I would not have been able to find my path in physiatric technician. I was not even aware of what half the majors of schools I was applying to were. My counselor helped set me on my path for after high school by recommending classes and extra activities to be doing which helped a ton.”

Molly Joyce, junior at CdM, while talking about counseling stated,”My counselor is Ms Madden and during my time at CdM she has helped me pick which classes are best suited for my schedule with sports and what classes will look best for the colleges I want to go to. I think it is really resourceful for students to have counselors as helpful as ours because it makes the whole college process a lot less stressful.”

Not only are counselors there for school and college purposes but also for emotional support. The counselor’s goal is to make sure students are not overwhelmed with stress and extracurriculars. Another junior at CdM, Reece Kenerson stated “Every time I go into the counselors office I am always asked how I am doing and made sure that I am taken care of.”

For students to have the counseling office available to them year round has proved to be immensely helpful in easing the stress and confusion that the college world entails. The counselors work will continue to be appreciated by both students and staff throughout the year.