Aladdin Movie Review


Tara Zadeh, Journalist

Once again, Disney has bestowed a live action remake of one of its classic animated films onto its many fans. This time the beloved Aladdin was adapted into a live-action film 27 years after the original animation was released. The original Aladdin film brought a great deal of diversity to the Disney movie scene, as it featured an Arabian culture and lifestyle, not usually represented in Disney. With the voice of Robin Williams as the genie, the movie quickly grew more popular and remains a classic today.

In May of 2019, the live-action rendition of Aladdin was released into theaters.  Guy Ritchie was announced to be the director of this film in October of 2016, and many actors were chosen for the various roles of the film. Will Smith portrayed the role of Genie, Mena Massoud portrayed the role of Aladdin, Naomi Scott portrayed the role of Princess Jasmine, and Marwan Kenzari portrayed the role of Jafar. So far, the movie has grossed $508 million worldwide, becoming the fifth highest-grossing film of 2019.

The plot of this film is quite similar to the original, as it follows Aladdin, a kind “street rat” who encounters a disguised Princess Jasmine, saving her from palace guards. The film implies disconnect in the palace as the Grand Vizier Jafar wishes to replace Jasmine’s father as the Sultan. He and his pet parrot Iago seek a magic lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders that will grant his wishes. Only one person is worthy to enter: “the diamond in the rough,” whom he decides is Aladdin. Aladdin is captured and Jafar persuades him to retrieve the lamp. Inside the cave, Aladdin finds a magic carpet and obtains the lamp. He gives it to Jafar, who betrays him and throws him back into the cave, though Abu steals the lamp back just in time. The lamp houses a Genie, who grants its master three wishes.

All in all, the film stayed true to its original animated version and was enjoyable to watch.