HRC Banquet 2019

Tara Zadeh, Journalist

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As the year comes to a close, many clubs on campus hold banquets or meetings to conclude the year. The Human Relations Council, or HRC holds an annual banquet that brings together all returning members of HRC and all the new HRC members admitted into the leadership group for the next school year. The banquet allows all of HRC’s members to come together for a last hooray. It allows seniors to spend a bit more time with all the underclassmen members, and allows the next years board to begin their roles in leading HRC. HRC has been a significant element in promoting global social issues onto the Corona del Mar High School Campus, and the application process, which began in May came to a conclusion on the evening of the banquet, as that evening the results of those admitted for the 2019 and 2020 school year were released.

At the banquet, introduction games are played and new members are given a welcome gift. The games played are aimed towards breaking the ice between returning and new members, and allow people to learn each other’s names and feel more comfortable being together. This year, HRC held one of its campaigns after the banquet, and the campaign was Pride Week. Pride Week is aimed at creating an understanding and positive LGBTTQQIAAP community on campus. The week is a celebration of identity and an important part of HRC’s culture. HRC put up various decorations and posters all throughout the campus and handed out stickers to students on the thursday of Pride Week.

Every year, at the end of summer HRC holds a meeting, where members come together and plan the year’s campaigns. HRC typically holds four campaigns throughout the year, and each campaign focuses on a different issue.