A Dog’s Journey – Movie Review


Tara Zadeh, Journalist

It is a universal idea that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that idea is portrayed extensively in the film, A Dog’s Journey, which the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose, which was released a few years prior. Both film are adaptations of novels written by W. Bruce Cameron. In these books and films the significance of human connection with dogs in exemplified in a meaningful and heartwarming way.

The story of A Dog’s Journey is a continuation of the story of A Dog’s Purpose. In A Dog’s Purpose, a dog comes back in different lives to fulfill his purpose of protecting his person. Through ups and downs, the dog, officially named Bailey, finds his way to his person, amd allows his person to see things when they do not seem so obvious. In A Dog’s Journey the story starts off with Bailey being given a new purpose, to protect his person’s granddaughter, Clarity June, or CJ. Bailey come back in various lives and almost always finds his way to CJ, wherever she is. The story includes many adveristiesand points where things go up in flames, but that is the purpose of the film, to realize that it is possible to get back up when things are falling all around. The movie is focused around the idea of purpose and being able to understand what purpose is for each person or, in this case, dog. Purpose connects people and things together and is an important aspect of life.

This movie is one that will make you laugh, cry, and smile. It was a great movie to watch for those who enjoyed the first film or just anyone who loves dogs. The movie was great for all audiences, including children and adults. It brought together a room of people who have one thing incommon, a love for dogs.