How You Can Help Save The Oceans


Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

Our oceans are in grave danger. The oceans provide a majority of the oxygen that people breath and they remove a majority of dangerous CO2 that heats up the Earth, and it regulates the climate change. Although the oceans do all of these amazing things, people are ruining the ocean and they are becoming hotter and more acidic. Home to about a quarter of all known sea life the oceans are starting to deteriorate, but here a couple of solutions to help save the oceans:

  1. Cut down on plastic use (not just plastic bags):

According to The Daily Mail, humans produce over 330 million tons of plastic a year. A majority of people don’t recycle their plastic and end up littering or just throwing it away. This trash ends up floating into the ocean killing many marine life animals. Also, birds and a couple of land animals are harmed by our actions. Reusable straws, cups, containers will help reduce this problem.

  1. Help clean up the oceans:

Our planet is litter with trash in the ocean that it is already a major issue. If you see trash on the ground pick it up. Go to your local beach and go pick up trash or look up local beach cleanups and help raise awareness of this problem. Bring family and friends with you to make it easier and spread the word that the oceans are in danger

  1. Buy ocean-friendly products:

When you buy products at the store buy environmentally friendly products. Buy products that do not contain squalene. Squalene is made from shark liver oil. This product is found in a lot of deodorant and moisturizer products. Sharks that contain squalene are going extinct according to Daily Mail.

There are many other ways to help save the oceans, but these are a couple of cheap and easy methods. Even the smallest amount of help will help solve this problem.