Tornado in Missouri

Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

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With speeds up to 160 mph, the tornado touched down on the ground at 11:40 p.m. The tornado hit Jefferson City, which is Missouri’s capital. It ripped buildings apart, turned cars over, and injured 20. According to a local, Cindy Sandoval-Jakobsen said, “When it hit … it felt like an earthquake.” The harm it did to Jefferson is incomprehensible. The tornado was rated as EF-3. According to CNN, only 5% of all tornadoes are rated as EF-3 or higher. The National Weather Service said that debris flew as high as 13,000 feet. Although 20 have been injured, there has not been any reported deaths. When people woke up on Thursday morning there was paper, wood, brick, and trees everywhere. People have said that the tornado was their “worst nightmare.”

Not only has Missouri been hit, but according to CNN, many tornadoes have ravaged the Central United States over the past couple of days. 29 have hit Missouri and Oklahoma in the past two days and there has been 171 reported that have hit the Central United States in the past couple of days. There was a search and rescue in Golden City, Missouri because a tornado hit. Even though no one has died from the gigantic tornado in Jefferson City, a husband and wife were killed elsewhere in Missouri. Flooding has become a major problem in Central United States. The Mississippi River has already swollen from storms and is likely to rise higher because more storms are planned to come in the next couple of days. Since it is so high there has been rules for boats that want to ride on the river. The boats cannot produce a wake, so it has to go very slowly.

Specifically, Missouri and Oklahoma have been hit hard in the past couple of days with horrible weather. The tornadoes have harmed many things and people. The bad weather is supposed to continue for the next couple of days.