Dumbo Movie Review


Tara Zadeh, Journalist

The live action rendition of the Disney classic, Dumbo, was released in theaters on March 29, 2019 and was the long-awaited interpretation of the Walt Disney 1941 classic film. The movie was directed by Tim Burton, who is widely known for his eccentric and whimsical ways of creating films. Burton plays a significant role in animation and live action films, and his style never fails to leave audiences intrigued and excited. The story line in the live action rendition of Dumbo is, in many ways, different to the original movie. In the live action film, the story follows the live of the Farrier family, a family who lives and works with the Medici Brothers Circus. The father, Holt Farrier, returns from serving in World War I, to find his world changed, as his wife, Annie, passes away for the Spanish Flu outbreak. Holt is left with his two young children and the job of caretaker to the pregnant elephant, “Mrs. Jumbo.” The sequence of events sets the foundation for the rest of the story, in which Dumbo is introduced. V. A. Vandevere, the owner of a prominent amusement park in New York City offers the Medici Brothers circus a deal that involves the sale of Dumbo and his separation for his mother. After many obstacles, Dumbo is reunited with his mother.

Various new elements are incorporated into the film. Computer-generated Imagery plays a big part in the wonder that the movie creates for viewers. The colors and realistic features present on screen allows the original, beloved story to be taken to a different level. Many opinions were shared on the movie and its release and some critiqued the rendition, while others praised it. Disney is continuing to produce live action interpretations of its original classics, and Dumbo is only the beginning to a series of many films.