Five Studying Tips for AP Week

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Five Studying Tips for AP Week

Lauren von Aspen, Journalist

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1. Study a smaller amount every day!

Cramming the night before the test is much less efficient than studying for several days in blocks. You will remember more and will be less tired on the day of the test.

2. Plan out your study time

When you set specific goals and plan what you are going to study that day, you will be much more likely to accomplish your goals. Dividing up the content you need to study also makes it more manageable and less overwhelming.

3. Study with friends

For many, studying with friends can be helpful. This is helpful because you can both support and encourage each other and can help each other with understanding certain concepts or problems. Just make sure you stay on task.

4. Utilize the internet

The internet has several useful resources that can be utilized to help you study. Some websites and apps include Quizlet, Khan Academy, several YouTube channels including Crash Course, the Princeton Review official website,, and StudyBlue.

5. Take breaks

Studying for too long can decrease performance and increase frustration. Taking a break is important to maintain motivation. One popular time increment for studying is working for 25 minutes and breaking for 5, but a recent study from Hiroshima University suggests the ideal time for ultimate productivity is working for 52 minutes and resting for 17.