Art Exhibits

Tara Zadeh, Journalist

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Art exhibits allow people to experience the thoughts and passions of different artists through a phase of their career in the arts. Exhibits are an experience that have a profound effect on observers. Each exhibit has a different intention, message, and meaning. Exhibits are portrayed in a multitude of different ways, and each exhibit is focused on a specific medium and idea.

Art exhibits are most abundant in urban or metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London. Exhibits are constantly changing and moving, as the displays of art are portable and easy to move across various areas. Art exhibits are known are characterized by their ability to easily be moved and reorganized in a distinct space. However, many exhibits are created to be displayed in one single location. Prominent museums, such as the Getty in Los Angeles and the Metropolitan in New York City, display many exhibits that focus on various artists, ideas, and people.

Exhibits are also utilized to display and portray events or civilizations in history. For instance, archaeological findings or art influenced by findings. Exhibits also include a plethora of popular culture elements that have attracted the attention of many. Examples of this include the Museum of Ice Cream, which is an exhibit based in Los Angeles.

Memorial exhibits are also prominent. Memorial exhibits focus on remembering an artist and their most notable elements. A significant exhibit that is currently being presented in New York City is the Frida Kahlo exhibit. The exhibit summarizes Kahlo’s life and art through a series of interactive and eccentric rooms. Frida’s art and personality was depicted in a way that was previously unseen by the general population.

Art exhibits portray art and ideas that leave an impact on those who are involved in the process of creating them and those who visit them.