Alta vs KIT

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Mallorie Cohen, Journalist

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Alta and KIT are two very popular coffee shops that students on campus enjoy visiting regularly for a study session or a relaxed spot to meet up with friends. Both serve premium coffee and food but the question is which one is better? CdM student Simone Oberreiter prefers Alta because of the large variety of food options on the menu, “As much as I love KIT, Alta has a much better selection of food than KIT does. I love going to Alta late at night and getting a pastry and a coffee with friends, something I can not get at KIT because they only have avocado toast. I can also go for lunch and order normal lunch foods. Not to mention the homey vibe Alta has is definitely another plus for me.” Oberreiter does being up a major difference between the two, Alta serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner where as KIT’s only food option is a variety of avocado toasts. Controversy to Oberreiter, senior Katie Langley prefers KIT, “I prefer Kit Coffee because I love avocado toast and really enjoy all the different flavor options and combinations they offer. I love the coffee and food at Alta but the springtime toast at KIT is one of my favorite things to get for breakfast, and that is why I choose to go to KIT over Alta. ” Both are great options but offer different specialties. It depends on what you are looking for and what sounds good at the moment.