Boys Lax VS. Foothill


Riley Foster, Journalist

Last Saturday Boys Varsity Lacrosse went up against Foothill High School this past Saturday at their home field. The CdM Lacrosse team is about halfway through their season and has won nine out of ten games. The team has two more home games but Battle of the Bay is at Davidson Field this Wednesday at 7. Although the boy lost their most recent games, based on history there is no doubt they will rise up from this.

Here are some highlights from the past game. Although going into the second quarter, the Sea Kings were down zero to three, the ball stayed mostly on their offense side as the boys battled in out. At one point, the ball went out of bounds off a CdM player so the ball was overturned to Foothill. A foothill player threw it down the field to his teammate, who was close to the goal. Senior goalie Kyle Cord, number 17, ran out from his post at the goal to intercept the ball. The opposing team attempted to throw the ball to another Foothill player on the other side of the undefended goal, bring the audience to the edge of their seats. Fortunately, Chord intercepted the ball and threw it down the field to a CdM player, foiling Foothills attempt to score.

At the beginning of the second quarter, he face off began. The face off is a one on one start to the game, also used in hockey. The ball was won by Cdm and then passed to Sophomore Midfield

Patrick Reilly, number 24, who ran down the field, flanked by three of Foothills players. Reilly managed to pass the ball away from the opposing team and get it to his teammate who was after down the field.

Although CdM did not win on the field, they definitely won off. The student section only ran with positive encouragement and cheers to the players, unlike the Foothill team who “booed” whenever CdM would achieve possession of the ball. The Corona del Mar HS students really modeled integrity.

Good luck on your next match boys. Go Kings!