CdM JV Girls Lacrosse vs. Los Alamitos JV


Ivy Hollander, Journalist

Taking place on Thursday, March 28, the Junior Varsity (JV) Girls Corona del Mar High School (CdMHS) Team competed in a nail biting game against Los Alamitos High School. The teams had played against each other in a previous tournament, with CdM sadly losing that game. Luckily, CdM knew how the team played and they were game ready. Many of the players from the JV CdM team came to the previous game against the Varsity to support them. Unfortunately, they lost 5 to 11. But, CdM was hoping to defeat Los Alamitos.

When the game started, Jilly Senk got ahold of the ball and ran towards the offensive side of the field. She went through the crowd of defenders and scored the first point, starting off the fierce competition. During the next draw, Kate Kittleson grabbed the ball and started running towards the goal. The team passed the ball around and then one of the Los Alamitos players took the ball. They started to run down the field and then scored against CdM’s goalie, Ellie Spotts.

CdM was eager to recover their points. Both of the team scored until it was 4 to 4. Then, the halftime buzzer went off and the teams discussed what plays they were going to do next, while the players rehydrated. The opposing team scored two more points and they were up 4 to 6. The CdM players scored one more point. Unfortunately, the Los Alamitos players scored another point.

There was not much time left so the players tried their very best. The CdM team was reaching to get another point, and they achieved that point. Though they were losing, wanted to tie the game up. Sadly, the buzzer went off right before CdM was about to score a point so they lost the game 6 to 7.

Each team tried super hard and though the team did not win, it was definitely one of their closest games during the season so far.