The College Scandal

The College Scandal

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Micky Rai, Journalist

High School is stressful. Many students believe that this four year period determines the rest of their life. In a way, it is true. Throughout high school, a lot of students work hard, earn AP’s, get high GPAs, and try to score a high SAT. All of this effort is to get into a good college so that they can get a “good job”. It used to be that in order to get into a top college you had to earn the grades and work hard. But, in light of recent events, we have seen that certain types of people can cheat the system and pay their way in, or their kids way in.

Many law enforcement agencies say that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uncovered the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal by accident while their agents were solving unrelated cases of fraud. But, what exactly happened?

In order to get their children into elite colleges such as Yale, Stanford, and UCLA, many high net-worth parents paid tens of thousands of dollars in bribes so that they could guarantee their child’s “acceptance”. For example, one man paid the head coach of Yale’s soccer team 450,000 dollars to list his daughter as a recruit.  Felicity Huffman, a well-known actress, and her husband, actor William H. Macy, paid around 15,000 dollars to get one of their daughters unlimited time for her SAT test, prosecutors say.

When CdM students were asked the question “What do you think about the current college scandal where parents bribed schools such as Yale and USC to let their kids in without earning the necessary credentials?” the responses were clear. Jacob Roytman, a 9th grader, said “I think it was a bad thing to do and the parents should get charged as well as the kids being punished. People may argue that it was only the parent’s fault and that the kids didn’t know what was happening, but they still cooperated in the scandal. I think it’s great that they were caught so other kids can learn from their mistakes.”

Another quote by Sienna Holcomb, a 9th-grade student, states “I think it is extremely unfair that families that are richer than others can buy their way into colleges.”

All in all, this scandal has brought a new light upon the way students are selected and admitted into elite colleges. The perpetrators will be held accountable in court. But, students around the nation will never forget this extreme cheating scandal.