Goat Yoga


Ivy Hollander, Journalist

Yoga is a very peaceful activity. But, it can also be a very challenging activity as well as a relaxing one. A recently new type of yoga is called goat yoga. Goat yoga is practically normal yoga, but there happen to be goats in the room jumping on the person doing yoga. This type of yoga is commonly described as “unexpected”. It is a great way to get away from the outside world. If there are certain things like politics or even just a school assignment that is stressing anyone out, goat yoga will definitely help get that topic out of the participant’s mind for a little bit.

One goat yoga location, “Original Goat Yoga”, owns many goats to help anyone experience goat yoga to the fullest. The instructor at the place, Heather Davis, is certified in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Goat yoga can be experienced by anyone; they are accessible to all.

Natalie Moorhead, a freshman at Corona del Mar High School (CdMHS) says, “I experienced goat yoga a couple months ago and it was a fantastic experience. Goat yoga is one of those things everyone should do in their life. It feels really nice to just be in a yoga studio and see all of the goats. They are very comforting and happy animals so it was nice to be able to witness and experience goat yoga.” She was very glad that she went and experienced this activity.

The great thing about goat yoga is that it is just a normal yoga class, but goats are jumping on the participant. They put pressure on your back as a “massage”. This can help to relieve pain or build muscle by balancing a goat on one’s back.

Goat Yoga is an unforgettable activity and if anyone has the chance to experience it, they should definitely do it.