Yellow Vest Movement

Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

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Now for the fourth consecutive weekend in France, protesters have been protesting against fuel taxes rising. It all started in late October when the government gave an announcement of a new tax on diesel fuel. The goal of the government for doing this was to find a great plan to tackle climate change. It would cause people to start using more electric cars then there already is. The protests across France have turned violent. Protesters have smashed shop fronts, painted walls with graffiti, and set cars on fire. Police have had to take action. They used rubber bullets, tear gas, and chased rioters. According to, 118 people have been injured in several cities and more than 500 people have been taken into custody. All of these rioters are rallying against President Emmanuel Macron and his government. According to, 4 have died. The people affected by the rising fuel taxes is the working and middle classes because they cannot afford the expenses of the higher cost of living.

People are still protesting because the citizens were never delivered the promised change. According to, “President Macron was elected on a programme of economic reform, and there is widespread fury that his new policies have failed.”

This movement was extremely big in Paris, but it grew to other parts of France due to social media. BBC says, Facebook has been a big influencer for others around France. Users is France are posting pictures of memes, pictures, and text expressing their anger at the government.

It has gotten to a point where Macron’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, declared that the fuel tax would be suspended for six months in hopes of protesters to go away, but that clearly has not happened.

The government is worried according to, and the people are becoming more violent each and every day.