A No Party System

Riley Foster, Journalist

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The two party system divides our country in half. Both Democrats and Republicans find ways to blame the other party of events that are occurring in our country. For example, the Republicans are blaming the Democrats for staging “The Caravan” when in reality, it is just a group of families seeking asylum in the United States of America. When a person is a hardcore Democrats for example, it is really easy to blame the government’s issues on Republicans.

In George Washington’s farewell address he warned the dangers of a party system in the United States. He states, “I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State.”  Washington’s continues to talk about how forming into separate groups is in human nature though it works in other governments because it in more controlled. He also describes as the “worst enemy.” The fact that one of the founding fathers warned against this should be an indicator of this toxic system. Another point is that there is nothing in the Constitution that states anything about a party system in the government.

Even though abolishing the party system would not stop people from forming in groups, it would discourage citizens from pointing fingers at the other half of the nation. A big offense of this finger point is the President Donald Trump. He goes on twitter daily and tweets things like blaming Democrats and the mainstream media for deceiving the citizens of his country.

The United States of America should be called the Divided States of America. The country is no longer united. There is too much finger pointing around for the issues that are occurring when everyone should be working together to fix the problems.