Giving Thanks Week


Ivy Hollander, Journalist

During the week of November 13th through 16th, At Your Service (AYS), a student leadership group on campus aimed at promoting community service amongst the students, hosted the Giving Thanks Week. The main event of this week was the community service fair held in the high school quad at lunchtime. AYS collaborated with the National Honor Society (NHS), another student-run leadership group on campus. The fair consisted of different booths that were set up in a line so that students could browse potential community service opportunities. Each table had a different company or club advertising. There were a wide variety of organizations present, including the Environmental Nature Center (ENC) and the Newport Beach Public Library.

Throughout the entire fair, members of NHS and AYS were walking around, helping all of the organizations hand out flyers and recruit new volunteers. When asked about her experience, Sophia Pearce, a freshman on AYS, recalled, “It was really cool to see all of the different company/organizations come together. I think it was definitely a very good opportunity for all of the CdM students. Even though it is no longer a requirement for the class of 2021 and on to get volunteer hours in order to graduate, it is still good for students to get involved and give back to the community.”

AYS also held a canned food drive in the morning where students brought in canned foods. They held this wednesday, thursday, and friday. On Tuesday, AYS student participants went through all the classrooms to give about a minute speech to explain what Giving Thanks Week is. Every third period class was given a jar to which students were to put money in it. All of the money was to go to the Second Harvest Food Bank and the third period class with the most money got to have a donut party.

On Thursday at lunch, At Your Service also held a poster signing in the quad. Many students went up to the poster to sign it. The week before Giving Thanks Week, AYS created posters to hang up throughout the halls of CdM High School. Many posters were made to get the word out that it was Giving Thanks Week.

The AYS Giving Thanks Week was very successful and more students got to learn about the different community service opportunities they could do.