‘Burn The Stage’ Movie Review


Thuy Pham, Journalist

International Korean pop superstars, BTS, in collaboration with Trafalgar Releasing and YouTube Red, released their first-ever movie and documentary in theaters around the world on Thursday, November 15. This hour-long documentary, titled ‘Burn the Stage’, took BTS fans and other viewers with BTS on their second world tour, The Wings Tour.

BTS officially kicked off the Wings Tour in Seoul in February of 2017 in a venue that holds approximately 16,000 people. After announcing their second world tour in November 2016, tickets sold out within minutes for each of the venues that the group was bound to perform in. The movie showcased never-before-seen footage that documented the entire duration of the Wings Tour and included footage from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, 2017 American Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and even the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

Throughout the duration of the movie, the voices of the members projected over various clips. From the deepest of thoughts to the happiest of memories, the group shared the triumphs, challenges, and the mix of emotions that they felt throughout the tour and about their breakthrough in global music industries, especially the American music industry.

The second half of 2017 saw BTS as an international pop star who dominated charts, arenas, and social media around the world. This massive popularity boom and success was something shocking to both BTS and their company of management, Big Hit Entertainment, especially CEO Bang Si-Hyuk. In fact, a scene in the movie shows CEO Bang talking to the members, reminding them of the importance of their own happiness in the face of pressures from the media and society. He tells them that no matter what they do, that they must always remember to be happy with what they are doing. BTS’ leader RM and member V, comment on this clip by stating if they weren’t happy with what they were doing or the music that they were released, the overall message of the group would be a lie.

BTS’ passion for their music served as a motif throughout the entire movie. Though based on the YouTube Red series released preceding the movie release, also titled ‘Burn the Stage’, the movie featured clips that were not included in the movie. Though some scenes seemed familiar, the movie showcased the group in yet another light. Currently, screenings in the local area of the movie are all sold out, with the movie garnering over 1 million pre-sales worldwide, with the closest screenings in Puente Hills and Hollywood. Overwhelming support for the movie has called for it to be available in more than just movie theaters, so stay tuned.