“Meet Cute” Book Review

A book that will keep your eyes glued


Tara Zadeh, Journalist

Meet Cute is a novel published in January 2018, that is comprised of 14 different stories that each feature the meeting of two individuals. The book is written by 14 authors, including Dhonielle Clayton, Emery Lord, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Ibi Zoboi, Jennifer Armentrout, Jocelyn Davies, Julie Murphy, Kass Morgan, Katharine McGee, Katie Cotugno, Meredith Russo, Nicola Yoon, Nina LaCour, and Sara Shepard. Each author wrote a unique and engaging meeting story that captured the reader. Each excerpt ended with the beginning of each character’s story, making it completely different compared to most novels, which tell a story centralized around select characters. Meet Cute keeps readers on their toes because turning the page reveals a story that is so distinct from the one that was previously read. Not only was filled with so much diversity, but the stories were each so innovative and creative. Some were set in future dystopian societies, and others took place in present time. Some involved futuristic technology and others had to do with anything but technology.

Meet Cute is the kind of book you can finish before you even knew you started. It keeps you cooped up in a cozy corner with a cup of choco all afternoon, and when you reach the final page, it leaves you wishing there were more to read. The book’s authors are all young adult authors, who have written books that have attracted much attention in the genre. Nicola Yoon is the author of Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also a Star, and the way in which Meet Cute is written aligns closely with the writing style of those novels.

For me, grabbing this book off the shelf was a spur of the moment decision to end a decision. Picking a book can sometimes be overwhelming because the options staring back at you are endless. After standing there with eyes moving through the titles of books, I decided to grab and go, and I was really glad I chose this particular book because it has become one of my favorites. So if you are a hopeless romantic or someone who just loves to sit down with a good book, then Meet Cute may be something you will really enjoy.