HRC Presents Gender Equality Week


Tara Zadeh, Journalist

This past week, the Human Relations Council (HRC) held a campaign Gender Equality Week. The premise of the campaign is to instigate the idea that any and all genders are capable of achieving anything they set themselves to. It is looking to ensure that idea that people are people at Corona del Mar, and they should never be discriminated for their ability by their gender. It can be mistaken that this campaign is looking to illuminate the racial superiority of women, but in truth, the campaign is simply trying to confirm that men can do what women can do, and women can do what men can do because, before no matter how you are defined physically, you are you.
On Monday, HRC focused on a social media presence, and they aimed to spread awareness and recognition through those means. On Tuesday, a video was shared on Trident TV, which defined the word feminist and featured HRC members explaining why they are a feminist. On Wednesday, HRC showed a video titled, “Be a Man.” The video expressed what young boys felt that a man must be.
On Thursday, it was International Women’s Day, and HRC announced for students to wear black, in an effort to support the cause, as well as showing a video of Emma Watson’s United Nations speech. After International Women’s day, HRC members expressed that “International Women’s Day has come and gone, but the fight for equality never ends. Feminists strive to obtain equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunities for every person, no matter how you identify as. Feminism does not aim to make women superior, it aims to make all people equal.
On Friday, HRC held a banner signing for students to pledge their support for gender equality.
HRC member also highlighted that “feminism by definition is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Don’t let a small group of people debase the basic meaning. It’s not a matter of political party or background, it’s a matter of believing that people of all genders should be treated equally and given the same rights. It’s not the notion that women are better than men or that women want to replace all men––it’s the notion that everyone is equally capable and deserving of all the opportunities in the world. Join CdM’s Human Relations Council in our Gender Equality Week to support the rights of all people, fighting all for all.”